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Nandita Banerjee - The Mystic Coach

  • Experience:
    10 years
  • Average Fees:
    £ 30

Nandita Banerjee is an amazing Indian writer and an artist, her work in The Mysterious Dreams clearly shows her dedication towards her work and as an artist her clear vision towards art of healings make her special. She believes in healing yourself by knowing the ancient secrets of the Universe and become liberated. She also believes that we may not be responsible for our wounds but we are responsible for our healing and she encourages her clients to participate in their healing. 

She says that awakening starts with knowledge and she uses her knowledge to heal the beautiful souls. Her keen devotion towards the religious belief has taken her to another level which allows her to help other with her knowledge in this field.

Her area of Expertise Includes Reiki grandmaster, Lama Fera Healing, Matrika Naad Sadhana, also very special healings known as DNA Reprogramming and Clearing, Angel therapy, Switch words and Bach flower remedies, Akashic intelligence. She also has a keen interest in Tarot readings. Her dedication shows that she will share with you deeper perspective about new age spirituality, concept of Etheric Energy, Karmas and various other Spiritual facts.

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Love is Power. Impartial in its light ...let the Sun shine through you like a jewel. Let it light up the darkness of Jealousy and Possessiveness. Let your Manipur Chakra fire up your confidence.


Relationships are created. With love and nurturing. Orange is the color of creativity, of the Swadhishthan chakra. Taste the beauty of close relationships. Subtly. With inner joy. Let your subconscious flow with this marigold floating in water. See your creations bloom.....