The Aura Power


The Concept

TAP is a concept where we aim to make “You” the best “Version of You” and bring the best out of yourself. We also aim to enhance mental wellbeing by distressing you using various channels or just talking to our life-coaches. Mental wellbeing is the most important part of life and impacts how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. However, during adulthood when responsibilities for our loved ones and ourselves expand and day to day work stress seeps into our lives, we sometimes forget to ‘connect’ with ourselves. AT TAP our consultants use different tools that has been worked on since years, to connect with your inner self.

These help to uncover the worries and questions you may have, and help to answer or provide the closure that is sometimes required to move on. Our consultants help the energy revival that is needed to take you to the frequency that you deserve to be on. To summarise, the Aura Power is a life coaching and healing service where we help you to become stronger from your core inside and reverberate that energy and power to the outside world. We help you to create and recreate yourself so that you achieve your purpose of existence.

(Disclaimer: Our services are to de-stress you and prevent mental conditions that may occur in future. We do not provide any medical advice, please consult your GP if you believe that you need help with a mental health condition)


Why do we Worry?

Worrying is feeling uneasy or being overly concerned about a situation or problem. With excessive worrying, your mind and body go into overdrive as you constantly focus on "what might happen." When we worry, it's usually about the events that may occur in future. Thinking about the future we often do not live in the present. This is because our mind is 'programmed' to think about the future more than the present. It sounds very simple but it is the most difficult and important things to do i.e. to 'Live in the Present'.

In the midst of excessive worrying, one may suffer with high anxiety, stress and panic - during waking hours. Many chronic worriers tell of feeling a sense of impending doom or unrealistic fears that only increase their worries. Ultra-sensitive to their environment and to the criticism of others, excessive worriers may see anything or anyone as a potential threat. This can lead to various physical health issues. We at TAP focus on the mental and physical well-being by positive conversations and distressing tools.


De-stressing - The Tools

From times unknown, different cultures in mankind has used different tools to ‘peep into the future. We at TAP – The Aura Power believe that if these tools are used scientifically, these can not just ‘tell us about the future’ but also ‘create our future’ and hence we are here to help you to TAP into the potential of these scientific tools to TAP into your own potential.

Our tools include sciences like Astrology, Tarot Card reading, One to One Life Coaching and more.

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