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Is it only Medication that relives pain?

NHS Defines More ways to relieve pain

Calling a FriendCalling a Friend

Similarly there are many ways to relieve stress, before it becomes a pain..

Our Approach

At TAP we believe that people at workplace, strive to give their best. However, they would abstain to discuss:

1 Challenges
2 Issues
3 Personal Weaknesses
4 Physical Strains
5 Family Matters that matters to them
6 and the list goes on!

We at TAP ensure that address all these real life challenges through a more modern approach where we use ‘Talk Therapy’ and relieve the strain before it becomes stress.

Our packages start from as low as
£3.5 per employee per month.

How it Works?


Choose a Session Time

Tell us how you are feeling and choose a 30 or 60 minute session


Choose a Practitioner

Choose from our network of expert practitioners ranging from therapists, counsellors, meditation & mindfulness practitioners, life & career coaches


Video call your practitioner

Start your sessions over video call and enjoy the journey of self-improvement

Helping You start a STRESS FREE Life

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