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Lauren B - Talk therapy - Anxiety, Depression and Counselling

  • Experience:
    7 years
  • Average Fees:
    £ 60

Lauren founded her counselling practice, The Selfcare Hour, as a safe space for people to explore their thoughts and feelings, and uses an integrative therapy approach, catering to your unique therapeutic needs. Lauren has 10-years working in a corporate envrionment, working in people management and utilizing her people skills to enable coaching and development and has 4-years of Counselling training and working in a therapeutic envrionment. nnLauren is fully qualified and registered with the BACP and provides a non-judgmental, and safe space to help you explore the challenges affecting your day-to-day activities. nnPeople who come to see her are those who may be struggling with difficulties around low self-esteem, depression, body image, anxiety, gender issues, substance abuse and variations of trauma. This is not an exhaustive list though and she is happy to explore anything that comes her way. nnLauren will utilize creative methods in her counselling practice when appropriate, to help you communicate things that might be hard to express in words. She believes that the key to creating lasting change is in improving the quality of your relationships and helping you notice the patterns that make you feel stuck.

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