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Pradeep bhanot - Astrologer- Indian Sciences

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    20 years
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    £ 35

Lack of  knowledge about what the present or the future holds for you causes mental stress. With the help of Astrology, most of the happenings can to relieve the natives of their anxieties pertaining to education  career financial stability love life marriage  property  health parents etc. thus enabling the individuals to make positive informed  decisions.                        

Pradeepji Bhanot is an exemplary practitioner of this ancient science of astrology since the last 16 years and has accurately predicted the course of events in the lives of leading personalities both at national and international  levels. He follows the Parashara school of astrology, combining traditional studies with modern thought as per the requirements of today.  Rashis have their due importance  but predictive branch of astrology requires us to take the constellation and their divisional strengths into account besides  the movements of the planets in their Cosmic circle.                               

The above said factors form a very different prism as compared to simple consideration of planets placed in different Rashis. Astrology is a very intricate and calculative science. It shall not be out of place to state that " it is not  everybody's  cup of tea".                              

People say that  Pradeepji operates at 80% accuracy. His aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and guide them thru the medium of this noble science called Astrology  and also, of course, to give out as much as possible of what the Lord Almighty  has given him.

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