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Betsy Figueroa - Tarot, Clairvoyant & Psychic Medium

  • Experience:
    20 years
  • Average Fees:
    £ 90

Over 20 years experience helping people find purpose and guidance in their life. I work to bring you in contact with your higher self and get guidance on your life path, purpose and what lessons you're here to learn. Through a past life regression we can discover what blockages, karmic contracts or debts maybe holding you back and work with your higher self to clear them. Also in every session we will connect with your higher self and get answers to the questions you most need to know. Finding out why you have experienced certain traumas or were born into your particular family.  What significance your birthmark holds for you and what steps you can take to bring peace to your soul. All sessions are held with the intent to help you on your path for your highest learning, healing, and for your highest good. They are preformed from a place a love and understanding as we are all on this journey together and I guide from that understanding and with compassion. I've been a healer in many lives and have been a healer for over 20 years in this lifetime as well, continuing my lifes purpose by helping you discover yours. 

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