Terms and Conditions

Infringement & Copyrights

‘The Aura Power’ web application and mobile appications are the property of ShreeDhar Private Limited and Porter Ranch Limited (UK) and the company(s) reserve the rights on designs, processes, logos, technology and more. Any infringement to the meterials will not be tolerated and action will be taken to prevent any and all infrimgements. The AURA POWER is a Global Application with HQ based in London.

Purpose & Service Process

The AURA Power is a Market Place for different types of practitioners and the application aims to enhance the reach to and of these practitioners and life-coaches. The purpose of this Website/Application is to assist Users to book appointments easily with practitioners and to provide them with an extensive selection of Experts for a range of health & Wellness issues. This Website/App provides a wide selection of specialist Experts to its User, who are experts in their field, which assists the User of this Website/App avail better and effective Health & Wellness advice.

Through the Website/App, the User, as per his / her health & wellness needs, can select an Expert and schedule an appointment for wellness consultation. Once the User has chosen the Expert and scheduled an appointment, we shall facilitate such appointments by duly connecting the User to the Expert through an audio-video internet connection link. The User may also upload his / her consultation records and other related information on the Website/App for the Expert to review and can be assured that such data shall remain confidential at Our end.


This Website/App does not provide access to Experts in case of medical emergencies through any means whatsoever. The User is hereby requested to contact local emergency services available in their respective areas / localities as and when such a need arises. The advice provided by the practitioners is only a guideline that aims to help the users to find direction and prevent stress and related ailments. The Aura Power or any associated parties will not be responsible for any specific advice as this application is for ‘prevention’ of symptoms and entertainment only.

Definition: For the purpose of these terms and conditions of service / use, wherever the context so require, the term ‘Website/App’ shall mean www.theaurapower.com

The terms ‘User / Client’ shall mean any natural or legal person who (1) is using / intends to use this Website/App, and (2) has provided the required information for the purposes of registering on this Website/App name or by simply visiting the Website by entering www.theaurapower.com in any of the internet browsers. Any services provided by this Website/App that does not require registration does not absolve the User of the contractual relationship established by this agreement.

WHEREVER THE CONTEXT REQUIRES, THE TERM ‘EXPERT’ SHALL MEAN ANY PERSON PROVIDING ADVICE who will be verified and authenticated by Us to the best of our endevours. We cannot be heald liable for the actions of any experts or practitioners. By accessing this Website/App in any way possible, the User is bound by the terms and conditions of service / use detailed in this agreement or any other document as required by The Aura Power. The User is requested to read the terms and conditions of service / use carefully before accepting the same and moving forward to using the Website/App.

The terms ‘We / Us / Our / Seller’ shall mean Shreedhar P Limited, which shall be responsible for managing the Website/App and making the services of the Website/App available to the User.

The use of the Website/App by the User is solely governed by this agreement detailing the terms and conditions of service / use, along with any other terms or policies published by Us. Moving past the home page of the Website or Downloading the App and using any of the services shall be taken to mean that the User has read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions so binding on the User as laid down in these terms.

Change / Modification / Amendment of Terms

The User will be subjected to the rules, guidelines, policies, terms and conditions as applicable to any service that is provided by this Website/App, which shall be deemed to be incorporated into these terms and conditions of service / use and shall be considered as part of these terms and conditions of service / use. We hold the sole right to alter / amend / modify the terms and conditions of service / use without prior intimation to / permission from the User.

This relationship with Us creates on the User, a duty to periodically check the terms and conditions and stay updated with all the requirements. If the User continues to use the Website/App following such alteration / amendment / modification, such use will be deemed to constitute the User’s consent for the altered / amended / modified policies. As long as the User complies with these terms and conditions of service / use, we grant the User a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited privilege to enter and use the Website/App. By impliedly or expressly accepting these terms and conditions of service / use, the User also accepts and agrees to be bound by Our other policies, inter alia the privacy policy, which may also be amended from time to time.


The membership / usage of the Website/App is strictly restricted to those over the age of 18 years (Eighteen years), or to such group(s) that can be termed to have attained ‘Majority’ under the laws of the respective jurisdiction where this Website/App can be seen and is accessible or to emancipated minors, to possess legal parental and guardian consent, or are in a position so as to be fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmation, representations and warranties set forth in these terms and conditions of service / use, and to abide by and comply with these terms and conditions of service / use.

Further, the User is solely responsible for protecting the confidentiality of his / her username and password and any activity under the account will be deemed to have been done by the User and will be attributed to the User. In the case that the User provides Us with false and inaccurate information or We have a reasonable cause to believe that the User has provided Us with false and inaccurate information, we hold the rights to suspend the User’s account on the Website/App and / or terminate this agreement without being held liable for the same.


By using this Website/App, it is deemed that the User has consented to receiving calls, auto dialled and / or pre-recorded messages or calls from Us at any time with the use of the telephone number that has been provided by the User for the use of Website/App, subject to Our privacy policy. This includes contacting the User basis the information received through other parties, as well as contacting other parties through the information provided to Us by the User. The use of this Website/App also demonstrates the User’s consent to receive SMSs from Us at any time we deem fit. This consent is for purposes that include, but are not limited to, clarification calls and marketing and promotional calls. In case the User wishes to stop being contacted by Us, the User may send Us a mail to the effect at admin@theaurapower.com or other emails as appropriate. The User may also be contacted by the service providers with whom We have entered into a contract in furtherance of Our rights, duties and obligations under other agreements and contracts or the policies followed by Us. Such contact will be made only in pursuance of the respective contracts, agreements and/ or policies.

GDPR & Data Sharing

The sharing of the information provided by the User will be governed by Our privacy policy. We will do not intent to give out the User’s contact information to third parties, who are not connected with the Website/App and the services offered by it, and/or for any purpose not in furtherance of Our aims and objectives. Please refer to Our ‘Privacy Policy’ for more information. We are obligated to provide full information in the case of legal requrements or if we need to provide it by law.


The installation and use of this Website/App is free of cost. The User is hereby informed that We can amend this ‘no charge’ policy at any time. If the User uses the Website/App to choose a Expert and book an appointment for a video or telephonic consultation, then such a User shall be required to pay before the video or telephonic consultation can be scheduled and executed, using the payment method(s) provided for in the Website/App.

For the purpose of this section, ‘buyer’ would include any User choosing to use the paid services offered on Our Website/App.

While availing any of the payment method(s) available on the Website/App, we will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the User due to:

  • Lack of authorisation for any transaction/s; or
  • Exceeding the present limit mutually agreed by the User and between Bank/s; or
  • Any payment issues arising out of the transaction/s; or
  • Decline of any transaction/s for any other reason/s.

All payments made for the paid services offered on the Website/App by the User shall be compulsorily in GBP. The Website/App will not facilitate transaction with respect to any other form of currency with respect to the purchase(s) made on the Website/App.

Payment method(s) for buyers: The User, as a buyer, understands that upon initiating a transaction the User is entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with Us to purchase the services from Us using the payment method(s) available on the Website/App, and the User shall pay for the transaction through the User’s issuing Bank to Us using the payment method(s) available on the Website/App.

The User, as a buyer, agrees with Our electronic communication and electronic records and if required, using the automated features as may be provided by the payment method(s) available on the Website/App.

We reserve the right to impose limits on the number of transactions and transaction price which We may receive from an individual credit / debit / cash card / valid Bank Account and such other infrastructure or any other financial instrument directly or indirectly through payment aggregator or through any such facility authorised by the UK Government to provide enabling support facility for collection and remittance of payment or by an individual buyer during any time period, and reserves the right to refuse the process transactions exceeding such limits.

We reserve the right to refuse to process transactions by buyers with a prior history of questionable charges including without limitation breach of any agreements by buyer with Us or breach /violation of any law or any charges imposed by issuing Bank or breach of any policy.

We may do such checks as it deems fit before approving the receipt of transaction price from the buyer for security or other reasons at Our discretion. As a result of such check if We are not satisfied with the credibility of the buyer or genuineness of transaction / transaction price. We shall reserve the right to reject the receipt of transaction price.

We may delay notifying the payment confirmation, if We deem it suspicious or for buyers conducting high transaction volumes to ensure safety of the transactions and transaction price. In addition, We may hold transaction price or remit transaction price to law enforcement officials (instead of refunding the same to buyer) on the request being made by such law enforcement officials or in the event the buyer is engaged in any form of illegal activity.

The buyer acknowledges that We will not liable for any damages, interest or claims, etc., resulting from not processing transaction / transaction price or any delay in processing of a transaction / transaction price which is beyond Our control.

THIRD PARTY INFORMATION: The content on the Website/App which includes all text, graphics, user interfaces, visual interfaces, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, design documents, and artwork is Our content (hereinafter referred to as 'Content').

The Website/App may contain links to the content of third party websites that are not associated with Us. We have no control over any third party user generated content as We are merely an intermediary for the purposes of those content. In the event, if any of the third party content infringes any intellectual property of any person, the third party shall be solely responsible for any loss caused and we shall not assume any liability. The User may send as an email at admin@theaurapower.com.

We do not monitor or review the content of other party’s Websites/App that are linked to / from the Website/App. Opinions expressed or materials appearing on such websites are not necessarily shared or endorsed by Us and We should not be regarded as the publisher of such opinions or material. Please be aware that We are not responsible for the privacy practices, or content, of these sites. We encourage our users to be aware and to read the privacy statements of these sites, when they leave our Website/App. The User should evaluate the security and trustworthiness of any other site – connected to the Website/App or accessed through the Website/App – himself / herself, before disclosing any Personal Information to them. We will not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage in whatever manner, howsoever caused, resulting from the User’s disclosure of Personal Information to third parties.

Other than when expressly allowed, any use of Our content and it being reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, publicly displayed, encoded, translated, transmitted or distributed in any way (including ‘mirroring’) to any other computer, server, website or other medium for publication or distribution or for any commercial enterprise, without Our express prior written consent is prohibited.

USER CONTENT & PRIVACY POLICY: The content that the User upload or post will become our property and the User will be deemed to have granted Us worldwide, perpetual and transferable rights in such content. We shall be entitled to, consistent with Our privacy policy as adopted in accordance with applicable law, use the content or any of its elements for any type of use forever, including but not limited to promotional and advertising purposes and in any media whether now known or here after devised, including the creation of derivative works that may include any content the User provides and the User is not entitled to any payment or other compensation for such use. The User also grants Us the right to sub-license these rights, and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights. We reserve the right to edit or remove any material submitted to this Website/App, or stored on Our servers, or hosted or published upon this Website/App.

The User posting any form of content on the Website/App must verify the truthfulness and authenticity of the particulars of the content, including the time, place and nature of the content being posted. Before allowing such content to be posted on the Website/App, We have the right and authority to verify the accuracy of such particulars related to the content with the respective sources provided by the User posting such content, if We feel that there is a need to check such accuracy.

We have the right to upload content on behalf of third parties, subsequent to collecting such information and verifying it if deemed necessary. Notwithstanding this, We can in no way be held liable for any false or misleading information.

In case any content is considered to be unlawful or against the law within any jurisdiction in which our Website/App can be seen and accessed, it shall be removed forthwith by Us on being intimated by the authorities of the respective jurisdiction that such content is in breach of the law of that jurisdiction. We cannot be held liable or questioned for the same.